My Hollywood Dream

english My Ode to the Analogue Photography I had the great opportunity to work with a real expert in the field of lighting. Damien Lovegrove lives in Bristol and he travels many countries giving his famous workshops. We met at the Hotel Stage 47 in Duesseldorf.

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O‘zapft is!

english Where Bambi meets Beer & Pretzels Once again, the German Oktoberfest opens its doors to welcome thousands and thousands of visitors from around the world. And you definitely want to be suitably dressed for this occasion. Since I have a huge passion for rural nostalgia, I asked myself: Why not combine the traditional Dirndl…

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Switzerland is calling

Rina on the Route 66 It was around midnight when I arrived at Basel, Switzerland. I slept very bad and woke up to see the sun rising from the hotel window. While I was trying to cover up the darkest rings under my eyes, I was going through my planned performance for the Pin-Up Contest…

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